Hello, my name is Bende.

webdeveloper * laravel & wordpress guru * coffee addict

About me

I turn coffee to code about 10 years ago. I love my work and I'm always looking for things to improve my craft. I solved lot of problem and now I clearly see my strengths. I'm very good in making CRM and management softwares. I also very good with wordpress. I easily can make your themes or plugins for your site. You can be sure I'm the guy who can solve your wordpress problems.


Istvan was working on a 50+ hours project for my company. He brings many talents to the table. Beyond the technical expertise, his attention to details, communication skills and openness to solving problems without compromise are all valuable traits. No matter how tough the situation is, you can be sure that Istvan finds the most efficient solution. As a team member or a contractor, Istvan earns my highest recommendation.

Zsolt D.

István is very responsive and flexible, solid Wordpress skills and delivery.
Looking forward to new projects to work together.

Vadim Ostapenko
Managing Director
Artamax Studio

Istvan is a honest, accurate good developer and sitebuilder.
I recommend for everybody.

G79 Design

Some of my works


I made this wordpress site from PSD. It is a custom theme. The products functionality is developed by me, no woocommerce used for the site.

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Simple sitebuild and theme build work for wordpress.


This is an online stock and sales manager software developed for a nutrition supplements company. It is in use more than 10 shops. The software also can work like a CRM. There are lot of built in analytics functions to support sales.

Company Management System

This software is created for a hearing aid manufacturer company. It greatly reduced the production time and improved the communication accross sales team. It has many features and it's keep growing. Some of the features: statistics, CRM, searchable production history, information sharing platform across all employers.

CRM software

This is made for a media company. They wanted to handle their offers and their client's responses. The current version can handle the quoting process with versioning. They can see how the salesman are performing and see how clients is lowering the prices.

MRG Effitas

One of my partner redesigned the MRG's site. My task was to make the site from PSD and migrate all the content from the old site.

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I integrated the following payment methods:

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